Using recently developed web-based 3D simulation SIMSTUDIO brings the power of real-time, user-driven highly effective 3D training solutions to the desktop.

Common Issues

  • Costs associated with bringing people to a training center is prohibitive
  • Training with physical mockups or actual equipment is very expensive
  • Current multimedia techniques are not immersive enough to train users on complex processes or systems.

SIMSTUDIO is not conventional animation

  • Not 2D animation with 3D illusion (Flash)
  • Not fixed line animation (QuickTime)
  • Not a hotspot based simulation (RoboDemo)

SIMSTUDIO Advantages

  • Experience interactive game-like visuals
  • Repurpose CAD and Engineering schematics
  • Deliver over the web (compact 100-900 kb file sizes)
  • Enable experience-based learning without travel to a physical site
3D object manipulation - zoom, rotate, flip and move
Unlike conventional animation where the user can see but not control the object, here he is in full charge of the interactivity and has complete ability to manipulate the object in all 3 dimensions
Change your POV (Point Of View) interactively
Constructed from fully 3-Dimensional renderings where the user can change his POV and gain a first hand experience in a scenario-based training environment
Feedback mechanisms with full multimedia support
Audio and text based illustration and prompts right in the animation provides learner feedback as well as provided the communication plumbing for integration with the web page host and the LMS