About us

Percepsys is a Toronto, Canada based Human Capital management and E-learning company that helps organizations rapidly and effectively deploy training and facilitate the exchange of knowledge among their students, employees, customers, suppliers and partners. Our mission is to transform people and organizations through the creation, deployment and management of knowledge. We have harnessed our expertise to build solutions that enable organizations to leverage human and technological resources across their enterprises in order to maintain a competitive advantage and maximize business success.

Our core values are something we believe in and live up to every day:

  • Customer focus is at the heart of our business. We will do whatever it takes to deliver on this promise
  • Innovation We are good at connecting the dots. Our loyalty is to the idea, above all else
  • Cheaper, Better, Faster We believe excellent work can be achieved by talented people very quickly with the help of right technology
  • Communication Open doors and open mind. We believe half of all problems are solved when the communication gap is eliminated