"I see and I forget, I hear and I remember, I do and I understand."  Confucius

Reality is the ultimate learning situation. Simulation is next best. Scenario-based learning is similar to the experiential model of learning because learning seldom takes place by rote, learning occurs because we immerse ourselves in a situation in which we're forced to perform. We get feedback from our environment and adjust our actions.

Percepsys SIMSTUDIO integrates learning objectives with realistic web-based simulation which allow the learner to experience training as it relates to a life-like situation.

  • Modelling Scenarios
    SIMSTUDIO scenario simulation puts the subject matter of the learning objectives into the context of a scenario. Scenario-based simulations allow the learner to experience training as it relates to a life-like situation that they can more easily relate to.
  • Multi-path Simulation
    SIMSTUDIO multi-path simulation is used to effect behavioral change by compelling users to make educated decisions along a chosen path while experiencing realistic consequences of their actions. Depending on decisions made at each critical ‘crossroad’ the learner’s training result may be different to their colleagues. There may be a number of positive and negative outcomes that occur as a result of their decision path.
  • Process and Spatial Simulation
    The learner is able to simulate user interaction within animated objects in a virtual reality environment to condition his reactions in the critical aspects of a real environment

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